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Everyone is now able to upload multiple images at a time as long as they have a verified email address. Limitations apply. Check Seraphims Studio Official discord to see the detailed announcement about the new feature and it's limitations.

Welcome to Seraphims Studio! Seraphims Studio is a social platform where all gamers can connect with each other any where in the world. No matter whatever you are in the world, as long as you have internet access this website you can connect with others. We welcome generally everyone on to the website. Click here to learn more.

Our Games

Try our games on Seraphims Studio. Our games allow players on the website to get together to have fun in addition to socializing with other players. You notice how most if not all of our games are on Roblox. You need a Roblox account in order to play some of the games but you don't have to have a Seraphims Studio account to play games that require a Roblox account. When players play the game, the web server automaticaly creates a hidden Seraphims Studio account and links it to the Roblox account. Please keep in mind that one of our games is cancelled but it's still shown here.

Super Stela Games
Super Stela Games 2
Super Nicka's Games
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Did you know that Seraphims Studio has an official discord? You'll not only connect with the community but you'll get the latest news updates and even sneak peaks for upcomming features to the website and our games from the Seraphims Studio staff team. Well what are you waiting for? Click that connect button!

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