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Everyone is now able to upload multiple images at a time as long as they have a verified email address. Limitations apply. Check Seraphims Studio Official discord to see the detailed announcement about the new feature and it's limitations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a moderator?

You become a moderator by filling out an application and if your lucky enough, you end up selected to be moderator. Begging for moderator privilages will not make you a moderator and it can lower your chances to become a moderator.

What are the requirements to be a mod?

How can I have an account on here?

You can't have an account here yet. Only staff members of Seraphims Studio can have an account on here and other general users with approval. Those that do are staff members of the Reason 2 Die community, Super Stela Games community, and a handful amount of general users.

Will everyone be able to have an account on here?

In the future, the general public will be able to have an account on here. As of now, this website is still under development and having a lot of users on the website could make website development more difficult. Not only that but more members on the website means more strain on the server. Before we allow the general public to have an account on here, we will do our best to optimize code to put the least amount of strain on the server.

How do you pay to keep this website up?

Web hosting is getting cheaper and cheaper over time and the website owner is paying the website out of her own pocket to keep the website up and running.