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Everyone is now able to upload multiple images at a time as long as they have a verified email address. Limitations apply. Check Seraphims Studio Official discord to see the detailed announcement about the new feature and it's limitations.
To be on a safe side to avoid legal issues, Super Nick Games is now called Super Nicka's Games
Super Nicka's Games

Since the summer of 2014. The age of R2D based minigames has begun. Enjoy classic minigames from the years 2009 - 2015 on ROBLOX. Rank up to unlock better weapons, armors and items. Explore the lobby while you wait for the next minigame to start. Unfortunately, due to forced filtering update on Roblox games, Super Nicka's Games no longer works.

Super Nicka's Games files is avaliable for download on the website and you're free modify and upload these game files on Roblox because this game is obsolete and broken and it's best left up to the fans to fix it and revive it. Here are the following conditons you must abibe by when using Super Nicka's Games files:

  • You can't claim these game files as your own creations without modifying different enough to easily distinct between Super Nicka's Games and whatever name of the game you come up with and it's themes/style.
  • You can't sell these game files for any currency including real life life money and virtual currency in online games, websites, etc. These game files are free for you to download.
  • You have the choice to modify the game files to your creative vision and monetize from it.
  • We encourage you to fix the game up and enjoy it for nostalgia and add new content
  • Claim certain Super Nicka's unique/original specific weapons/items/armors like Generade Launcher, Egg Launcher as your own creations.
  • If you need clarification of the terms, message @empress.stella on discord by joining the official Seraphims Studio discord and finding her on there