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Super Stela Games 2
Sorry, there is no official community for this game avaliable at this time.
An upcomming game comming to the Super Stela Games franchise. You had a fun time time playing various minigames with friends and everyone else (mostly fighting based game modes). You've went on a couple of quests to find the keys and fought against the Mountain Keeper, The Wicked Witch, and Queen Floral. You played around with many different weapons, armors, and items combinations in your loadout and you got tired of it and you want to take things to the next level? We have a new job for you to do in Super Stellar Games 2. The new job will give you a lot of new things to do to keep you busy. Here are some of the new features and improvements to SSG2.
  • Full R15 Character Support
    • You are now able to use r15 characters in Super Stela Games 2. Experience life like character movements and no more robotic character movements.
  • Crafting System!
    • Make armors, items, and weapons by crafting multiple things you have.
  • Character Customization
    • Customize your own character! Change up the face, clothes, skin tone, body shape, and hair style! You are able to import any clothes on Roblox into the SSG2. Give your own character a name and NPCs will refer you to the name you choosen.
  • Quests / Tasks
    • Help out NPCs by doing them a favor by completing certain tasks in the game and it could be anything!
  • Full Mobile Support
    • Play the game on the go whether you are at the subway, airport, or even school! Super Stela Games 2 is meant to be played on a PC but it will play fine on mobile. No more manually scaling the GUI, the game will automatically scale the interface based on your screen size.
  • NPC Interaction
    • Interact with many different NPCs from many different realms! They may ask you to do a favor or have something interesting to say to you. You can now have a conversation with your returning enemies from the original Super Stela Games.
Are all of the new things too much for you to handle? Don't worry Celeste is here to help new recruits by introducing the game and giving players basic tutorial lessons about the Super Stellar Verse. SSG2 preview trailer will come out once the basic parts of the game is complete. Join the Discord server for updates! The frequently asked questions section will come soon.