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Added by Empress Stela
Last updated 04/18/2020
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Super NIck Games Update Log 2015

--Public Beta V2.1.7 ,Release Date 1/1/2015
1) Fixed a glitch so when a player leaves the game in survival mode of minigames the server's list of playing players does not get deleted and later on it causes the scripts to break.
2) Added auto save , saves every 62 seconds
3) Deprecated "/save" command.

--Public Beta V2.1.8 ,Release Date 1/2/2015
1) Fixed the winning gui popping up when the players lost the minigame.
2) Fixed a bug when players die in minigames that have game over when minigame is not finished mode on, it shows two game over guis instead of one.
3) Fixed a bug when one player dies in minigames that have game over when minigame is not finished mode on, it shows the player did not finish minigame in time game over gui.
4) When players spawn in a minigame, the players do not stack on top of each other.
5) Added minigame music to kill bot survival.
6) Edited "nextminigame/" command. You can now vote a minigame with a game mode and it will show a message that you chosen the minigame.
7) Choose minigame gui should be working now.

--Public Beta V2.1.9 ,Release Date 1/3/2015 ( Nick Games Store Place and Nick Games Hub Place and Nick Games 2014 Main Game )
1) Added a gui that shows the amount of points and cash you have and your avatar at the top right corner.
2) Made it so that you can now teleport to the Nick Games store.
3) Added Back To The Hub Button on the store section of the game.
4) Fixed Loading Cash and Points Loading on the upper right corner of the screen.
5) Fixed unable to get creator name error. This error was caused by the website not being able to get the information.

--Public Beta V2.2 ,Release Date 1/4/2015 ( Nick Games Store )
1) Added the ability to exit the item page once clicked.
2) Renamed Upgrades Tab to Weapons
3) Made it so on the item page you can view the creator's username.
4) Made it so the player's charater can not move.

--Public Beta V2.2.1 ,Release Date 1/5/2015
1) Fixed the scripts from breaking when the game loads.
2) Fixed the status bar coloring so the status bar does not get stuck on yellow on once the minigame loads.
Note: [ Note this is the last version of the holiday season 2014 to include the Christmas Village Boss Battle ]

--Public Beta V2.3 ,Release Date 1/9/2015
1) Better support for displaying temporary health bar indicator.
2) Removed Christmas Village Map.
3) Added explosive damage on kill bots. ( Kill bots have 28 damage blast radius )
4) Changed the temporary health bar border size to 2px.
5) Edited Kill Bot Survival Minigame rocket's sound.
6) Pain Pills ( Temporary Update ).

--Public Beta V2.3.1 ,Release Date 1/10/2015
1) Made Sudden Death Temporary health last longer.
2) Made it so in Sudden Death game mode two health bars are not shown as temporary health color.

--Public Beta V2.3.2 ,Release Date 1/17/2015
1) Added player point rewards for winning. 100 player points for multi winning. 250 player points for single winning. ( Only works in test servers ).
2) Fixed the game from breaking occasionally when the minigame ends ( caused by the script attemping to find the sound object to delete )
3) Made time remaining panel is smaller now on higher resolution displays.
4) Added tv screen to the lobby.

--Public Beta V2.3.3 ,Release Date 1/18/2015
1) Added the winner's stage.
2) Removed the place teleporter inside the lobby.
3) Fixed players from spawning outside the lobby.
4) Fixed the sounds from breaking the game scripts.

--Public Beta V2.3.4 ,Release Date 1/19/2015
1) Fixed the game from breaking when guests join the server.
2) Fixed the game from breaking when resetting the player's camera.
3) Fixed a glitch that allows players to earn more than 100 player points when more than 1 player wins.

--Public Beta V2.3.5 ,Release Date 1/20/2015 ( Hub )
1) Fixed a bug that causes gui scripts to break when a new player joins the game.

--Public Beta V2.3.6 ,Release Date 1/21/2015 ( Hub )
1) Got rid of fur-blur on the Nick Games 2014 Logo. ( This fur-blur does not fit with in the Nick Games style. )

--Public Beta V2.3.7 ,Release Date 1/23/2015
1) Added invisible front barrier on the Nick Games winning stage.

--Public Beta V2.3.8 ,Release Date 1/24/2015
1) Added ranks maximum rank is rank 7
2) Lowered maximum mini-game cash reward down to 400 cash ( This is to prevent cash inflation ).
3) When you run out of time for minigames with race mode it now counts for the numbers of minigames you lost in your stats.

--Public Beta V2.3.9 ,Release Date 1/27/2015
1) Added the ability to view the leaderboards in the game.
2) Renamed Stats gui to +Me.
3) Added tabs to the stats gui.
4) Stats gui UI changes.
5) Added global cash leaderboard.
6) Added jump delay.
7) Added the ability to sprint by holding shift.

--Public Beta V2.4 ,Release Date 1/28/2015
1) Quadrupled the maximum normal energy on clock hop minigame. ex. If you have max energy of 100 normally then it's 400 on that minigame.
2) Made the energy regeneration slightly faster.
3) Removed the +20 walkspeed energy drink as the start tool.
4) Added the ability to refill your energy up to 16 times by using the energy drink only on the clock hop mini-game.

--Public Beta V2.4.1 ,Release Date 2/1/2015
1) Muted the drop it music video tv in the lobby.
2) Added Horse Race minigame. ( Loading takes a while so excuse the server lag. )
3) Fixed the player leaderboard positioning.
4) Added Rank Icons

--Public Beta V2.4.2 ,Release Date 2/7/2015 ( Hub and the main game )
1) Added 3 new ranks , Therefore the maximum rank is increased to 10.
2) Fixed Data Loading at the top right corner.
3) Removed Mobile controls on the Nick Games 2014 hub screen.

--Public Beta V2.4.3 ,Release Date 2/8/2015
1) Fixed the total time played counter.
2) Added 3 new ranks , Therefore the maximum rank is increased to 13.

--Public Beta V2.4.4 ,Release Date 2/9/2015
1) Ported a minigame from the Nick Games 2013 to the 2014 the new minigame is Convoy Craze ( 2 minute long minigame ).
2) Made Clock Hop Minigame To Have Unlimited number of energy for the player.

--Public Beta V2.4.5 ,Release Date 2/12/2015
1) Added promoted image.

--Public Beta V2.4.6 ,Release Date 2/14/2015
1) Added lobby music.

--Public Beta V2.4.7 ,Release Date 2/16/2015
1) Added buy now button to Nick Games Store.
2) Added live store in the Nick Games 2014.

--Public Beta V2.4.8 ,Release Date 2/28/2015
1) Added the last player standing warning music.

--Public Beta V2.4.9 ,Release Date 3/1/2015
1) Made changes in time remaining UI.
In Survival Mode it would say: Game Time
In Sudden Death Mode,and it would say: Time Remaining
In Race Mode, it would say: Time Remaining To Get To The Finish Line
In Boss Mode, it would say: Time Remaining To Defeat Enemy
During intermission it would say: Intermission
2) Added ammo crates, and item crates to the Easter Egg Hunt 2015 WIP minigame.
3) Made the starter time remaining gui ---.

--Public Beta V2.5 ,Release Date 3/3/2015
1) Fixed the crates from breaking when the minigame loaded.
2) Added "You failed voice" when you die.

--Public Beta V2.5.1 ,Release Date 3/7/2015
1) Add one player to the list of players who can use admin commands.
2) Nerfed the Maximum Coin Collection reward down to 4.
3) Added the easter island map to the easter egg hunt minigame.
4) Added custom loading screen.

--Public Beta V2.5.2 ,Release Date 3/8/2015
1) When the minigame ends all objects inside inactiveobjects in serverstorage will get deleted.
2) Added 2x exp gui ( non functional )

--Public Beta V2.5.3 ,Release Date 3/9/2015
1) Increased easter egg hunt minigame time limit to 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
2) Added raining eggs to the easter egg hunt minigame.
3) Added thumnail image for easter egg hunt minigame.

--Public Beta V2.5.4 ,Release Date 3/10/2015
1) Fixed the script so the script won't delete inactive objects in minigames in server storage.

--Public Beta V2.5.5 ,Release Date 3/11/2015
1) Fixed a bug the allows players to have their cash and xp multipled by the number of players in the game.
2) You now earn 20% more cash and xp if more than 1 player wins the minigame or 30% more cash if only 1 player won. and experience points in sudden death mode.
3) Removed a delay in the winning stage when someone ranks up.

--Public Beta V2.6 ,Release Date 3/15/2015
1) re-Added vote map gui.
a) You need at least 65% of submitted vote responses for the vote to be successful.
3) Fixed the glitch so the remote server script does not break from a nil rank value.
4) Smoother Health Gui Animation

--Public Beta V2.6.1 ,Release Date 3/16/2015
1) Made it so that you can only vote a minigame while a minigame is running.
2) Fixed it so that game modes.

--Public Beta V2.6.2 ,Release Date 3/17/2015
1) Added vote minigame time limit period. ( Voting period only last 15 seconds. )

--Public Beta V2.6.3 ,Release Date 3/21/2015
1) Added new apis for minigames.
a) globalfunction.setgametime(num)
b) globalfunction.getgamemode()
c) globalfunction.addgametime(num)
2) Auto save only works on online mode due to dataloss when users play the offline version of the nick games.
3) Added King Hare Boss Battle minigame.

--Public Beta V2.6.4 ,Release Date 3/22/2015
1) Added tidal waves to King Hare's attacks.
2) Made it so that loaded minigames have inactive objects removed in workspace.
3) Finished Main Part King Hare Boss Battle

--Public Beta V2.6.5 ,Release Date 3/23/2015
1) Got rid of King Hare's retarted laugh sounds.
2) Fixed mega bomb.
3) Re-added music in Easter Island Minigame.
4) Made it so guests can't get their data saved or have their name posted on the cash leaderboard.
5) Explosions now fling you depending on how much health you lose.
6) Fixed a bug when the game script breaks when minigames other than easter island loads.

--Public Beta V2.6.6 ,Release Date 3/24/2015
1) Removed Mega Bomb from King Hare's attacks.
2) Nerfed explosions flinging force.
3) Explosions sounds play when it's not close to a humanoid object.
4) King Hare Boss Battle now should count as minigame being won, not lost when you get the reward. ( This was made so we don't ruin your win the lose ratio )
5) Fixed the game from breaking when the game could not load the player's rank.
6) Fixed king hare rewards not spawning when king hare is defeated.

--Public Beta V2.7 ,Release Date 3/27/2015
1) The Lobby has new and improved textures.
2) Players can no longer gain any more experience points at maximum rank.
3) The player's health are doubled and every player gets one free pain pill in pvp mode.
4) Added setrank/[playername] command.
5) Fixed admin commands.
6) Added pvp game mode.

--Public Beta V2.7.1 ,Release Date 3/28/2015
1) Added 5 new admin commands.

--Public Beta 2.7.2 ,Release Date 4/3/2015
1) Added support for bringing your own weapons into minigames.
2) Fixed the leaderboard glitch for players with rank 0 the non-existent rank.
3) Added running animation.
4) You now earn egg cannon launcher if you beat King Hare.
5) You now need 100xp to be promoted to rank 2 instead of 50.
6) Disabled pain pill purchase in sudden death mode.
7) Removed jump delay.

--Public Beta 2.7.3 ,Release Date 4/4/2015
1) Added Hints ( Buy game pass for it to work. ) There are currently 3 hints.
2) Fixed vote map gui paging.

--Public Beta 2.7.4 ,Release Date 4/6/2015
1) Added Double Experience Friday system. Every Friday starting from April 10, 2015. Experience points you get will be doubled.
( Note: Double experience only applies when you win minigames excluding boss battles.)
2) Fixed multiple money glitch when you win a minigame.

--Public Beta 2.7.5 ,Release Date 4/8/2015
1) New sword fights on the heights minigame.
2) 2 new admin commands.
3) NOTE: Since Easter is over there is no more updates and fixes for the easter island minigame.
4) Added 2 new hint message related to voting.

--Public Beta 2.7.6 ,Release Date 4/11/2015
1) Fixed 2x exp.

--Public Beta 2.7.7 ,Release Date 4/13/2015
1) Tougher anti-hack update.
2) Fixed a glitch when a player dies and leave the game it counts as 2 lost players.

--Public Beta 2.7.8 ,Release Date 4/15/2015
1) Added custom skybox minigames to: Horse Race, Easter Island, Fun Run, and Spleef.
2) Made Anti-Hack Stronger.
3) Fixed 2x Exp System

--Public Beta 2.8 ,Release Date 4/18/2015
1) Added elemental/playername admin command.
2) Added 3 new ranks, making rank 16 the maximum rank in the Nick Games.
3) Lowered Clock Hop Difficulty to 2 until I fix the cheating in Clock Hop Minigame.

--Public Beta 2.8.1 ,Release Date 4/20/2015
1) Added keyboard recommended gui ( only pops up once you enter the game).
2) Less stress being put on the player's client.
3) Pressing backspace will make you lose health ( I did that to prevent players from dropping items and floating. )
[ Note: This is the last version in the nick games that allows players to vote for survival mode in Easter Island Minigame. ]

--Public Beta 2.8.2 ,Release Date 4/22/2015
1) Removed Survival Mode in Easter Island From Being Voted.
2) Fixed a critical glitch when the player's data didn't load!
3) Shorten Clop Hop Minigame Time To 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
4) Removed Infinite energy on Clock Hop minigame.
5) Fixed cheating on Clock Hop, stepping off your assinged plate will disqualify you for the round.
6) Fixed players spawn in Clock Hop Minigame.
7) Raised Clock Hop Difficulty to 4.

--Public Beta 2.8.3 ,Release Date 4/23/2015
1) Fixed Double Experience Friday.
2) Fixed loading for ranks,xp, and weapons ( not sure if it's fully fixed because I ran out of time to fix the glitch ).
3) Fixed the destroyed call back error that causes the game script to break.

--Public Beta 2.8.4 ,Release Date 4/24/2015
1) The game automatically choose a game mode if no minigame is selected.
2) Secure saving system! No more losing your data, auto save and /save command is removed due to the increased risk of data loss and exceeding the data store request limit.
Your data is automatically saved when you leave the game.
3) Changed the experience points requirements for ranks 13 - 15.

--Public Beta 2.9 ,Release Date 4/25/2015
1) New particle effects on the following minigames:
Hexagon Havoc, Easter Island
2) Ability to mute the music in game ( Note: Does not completely mute the music. Such as the lobby music and the winning music does not get muted ).
3) Updated spectating gui. Removed walkspeed effect gui buttons as they are completely useless.

--Public Beta 2.9.1 ,Release Date 4/29/2015
1) Added keep calm poster.
2) You can now buy +4 walkspeed perk from the live store using robux.
3) You now spawn with weapons and tools if you revive.

--Public Beta 2.9.2 ,Release Date 4/30/2015
1) Added the ability to skip the loading screen ( Can only skip loading when the asset loading process has started.)
2) Added updated the ui interface of the loading screen.

--Public Beta 2.9.3 ,Release Date 5/2/2015
1) Update characters in the lobby and added new dialogs.
2) Added a new poster in the lobby.
3) Fixed elemental/[playername] admin command.
[ Note: This is the last version to include the Easter Island Minigame ]

-----================May 2015 - Super Nick Games Era======================------------------

--Public Beta 3 ,Release Date 5/9/2015
1) Introducing you the moderation system! How it works:
Get 3 Strikes = Auto ban for 7 days.
Get Kicked = Automatic strike.
If your banned you will not allowed the play the main game but you can still visit the main menu screen while your banned.
2) Added admin gui for admins and head mods, this will allow to to easily edit and view player stats.
3) UI is now slightly reddish to fit with the Nick games theme.
4) Added some new admin commands:
a) place/[playername]/placeid ( Teleport the player to a given place )
b) ban/[playername] ( Bans the player for 1 day. )
c/ char/[appearenceid]]/[playername] ( changes the player's character id to the given character id. )
5) Raised the maximum minigame reward to 500 Cash.
6) Reduced sword cool down time.
7) Added kill reward +50 cash for each player you kill and a small number of experience points.
8) Removed Easter Island Minigame.
9) Unbanned DeanAmbro###
10) Added poster boards in the lobby.
11) Drastically improved the ban system!
Note: Banning someone from admin gui will work as expected if the player is offline from the nick games.

--Public Beta 3.0.1 ,Release Date 5/10/2015
1) Made bug fixes for the ban system.
2) Made a few enhancements for the ban system.

--Public Beta 3.1 ,Release Date 5/23/2015
1) Added Weapons store. Buy weapons that you can use for all minigames with every mode except PVP mode.
2) Added new visual health gui effects.
3) Changed the way the energy system works on your character.
4) Added 2 new weapons in the game: Crowbar and Shovel.

--Public Beta 3.1.1 ,Release Date 5/24/2015
1) Added Crate & Peril Minigame

--Public Beta 3.1.2 ,Release Date 5/28/2015
1) Fixed the temporary Health Bar indicator in sudden death mode.
2) Made hacking admin gui harder.
3) Added rejoin/ admin command.

--Public Beta 3.1.3 ,Release Date 5/30/2015
*Note: This update fixes many bugs in the nick games.
1) Added cash accumulation notice when you earn cash.
2) Admins now have the power to vote removed minigames.
3) Fixed the glitch that causes the minigame script to break when a player dies at the stage.
4) Player's energy meters should be set to 100 at the end of the mini-game.
5) Guests now can't have their stats saved to the global leaderboard.
6) Global cash leaderboard now refresh once per hour.

--Public Beta 3.2 ,Release Date 6/12/2015
1) Added TMM Game Mode ( The Mad Murder ).
2) New minigame map ( Bernkastel Kues Center )
3) New weapon ( revolver - need to be rank 3 to buy )
4) Improved map loading speeds [ Horse Race map should load faster & Bernkastel Kues Square map loading will not make you lose connection anymore. ]
5) Added a new minigame-api to show custom timers
6) Added hide/[playername] ---makes the player on the nick games hidden, the player's character is invisible to others. Must be at the highest rank in order to use this admin command.
7) Added locked out minigame.

--Public Beta 3.2.1 ,Release Date 6/13/2015
1) Fixed Locked Out Minigame from not appearing in vote minigame.
2) Backspace does not damamge you if you are rank 17 ( the truly max rank ).
3) [HUB] Banned players now go directly to the banned server instead of the quick play then go to banned server.

--Public Beta 3.2.2 ,Release Date 6/15/2015
1) Players that are rank 17 take 50% less fall damage.
2) Added chunk loading to be optional for minigames. ( By default it would not use chunk loading.)
3) Fixed permanent darkness caused by locked out minigame.

--Public Beta 3.2.3 ,Release Date 6/16/2015
1) Re added features from V3.2.2.
2) exp percentage are now rounded to the nearest hundredths or thousandths depending on your current rank.
3) Fixed locked out minigame.

--Public Beta 3.2.4 ,Release Date 6/17/2015
1) Fixed a bug that players new to the nick games are unable to teleport to the main game.

--Public Beta 3.2.5 ,Release Date 6/22/2015
1) Added Mount Stela Minigame ( Can be played once you enter the right code in Bernkastel Kues Center minigame ).
2) Buffed Egg Launcher damage for 24 damage to 28 damage.
3) Added new minigame api to allow to change the minigame music while the minigame is running.

--Public Beta 3.2.6 ,Release Date 6/24/2015
1) Added Coin Heaven minigame ( Only playable if you redeem the correct code in bernkastel kues minigame ).
2) Added a new minigame api to add character scripts to a player's character.
3) Added a new minigame api to enable fall damage or not in a minigame.
4) Brought back 6 minigames from the Nick Games 2013.

--Public Beta 3.2.7 ,Release Date 6/25/2015
1) Fixed Nick Games 2013 minigames appearing in the vote minigame selection.
2) Character scripts are now copied to a player when a player revives.
3) Respawn enabled api now works. So that when you revive you don't waste your robux by spawn killing.
4) Players can't revive if the game mode is TMM.
5) Nerfed the revive feature on the Nick Games. Can only revive once per round and when you revive you only spawn with 1/2 of your health that is marked as temporary.

--Public Beta 3.2.8 ,Release Date 6/28/2015
1) Minigame now automatically ends in pvp mode if there is only 1 player left in PVP mode.
2) Added FFA game mode in Sword Fights On The Heights minigame.
*Note in FFA and PVP mode players get +40 cash for participating and between 20 - 30 exp points.
3) Added new minigame api to give players cash and exp.

--Public Beta 3.2.9 ,Release Date 6/29/2015
1) Added SBF game mode to Christmas Village minigame.
2) Fixed PVP and FFA game modes.
3) Spleef minigame can now only be voted in PVP mode.

--Public Beta 3.3 ,Release Date 6/30/2015
1) Fixed a glitch when a player loses connection to the game, the game does not remove the player from the list of a surviving player.
2) Added kill reward for SBF mode.
3) SBF mode difficulty level is always 1.
4) Introducing 3 new badges!

--Public Beta 3.3.1 ,Release Date 7/2/2015
1) Fixed the moderation system.
2) Fixed the unknown user bug when loading minigame.
3) Added Abandoned Boathouse minigame.

--Public Beta 3.3.2 ,Release Date 7/8/2015
1) Added 4 Corners Town Map / Minigame [ Survival, FFA, & Sudden Death ] game modes.
2) Custom fonts on parts of stats gui and on the promoted gui screen.
3) Made Mount Stela easier to beat. You health will now fill up to max health if you completed the obby part of the minigame.
4) Fixed Mount Stela Minigame Boss Battle Prizes from not spawning.

--Public Beta 3.3.3 ,Release Date 7/9/2015
1) Live Store Gui, Spectating Gui Upgrades, Energy bar, keyboard recommended gui are now using the the new updated custom font.

--Public Beta 3.3.4 ,Release Date 7/13/2015
1) Added rock launcher weapon | Must be rank 13+ in order to buy it - 12,500 cash.
2) Fixed the camera in the Nick Games store.
3) Fixed Store items not displaying correctly with more than 3 weapons.
4) Lowered crowbar minimum rank requirements from 13 to 10.

--Public Beta 3.3.5 ,Release Date 7/14/2015
1) Fixed Rock Launcher from occasionally getting broken.
2) Added kill reward for rock launcher weapon.

--Public Beta 3.3.6 ,Release Date 7/16/2015
1) Added Grenade Launcher weapon | Rank 15+ to buy - 23,500 Cash in order to buy.
2) Added custom font to the health bar gui.
3) Fixed the product items from not displaying correctly with more than 4 store items.

--Public Beta 3.3.7 ,Release Date 7/21/2015
1) Fixed 2x exp. Every Friday it should give you 2x exp. When you play the game on any other day after the 2x exp friday then you have 5 minutes of 2x exp left and you have the option to extend 2x exp by click on the 2x exp icon and click extend 2x exp for 1 hour.
2) Your currently equipped weapon now save when you leave the game.
3) Switch the method of getting player's user id by username from http service to the lua api provided by roblox.
( This will ensure that this the minigame creator username and the moderation system does not break. )
This fixes the nick games moderation system and the minigame creator username.
4) Added a message for kicked players.

--Public Beta 3.3.8 ,Release Date 7/23/2015
1) New Weapon: Star Launcher! Requires max rank to get.
2) Added winner object to Mount Stela.

--Public Beta 3.3.9 ,Release Date 7/24/2015
1) Fixed a glitch when it's not giving 2x exp on Friday.
2) Made the tick function server sided so players can't mess with their system time to get free double exp.

--Public Beta 3.3.10 ,Release Date 7/25/2015
1) Fixed a glitch when it would clear 2x exp time left over.

--Public Beta 3.4 ,Release Date 7/30/2015
1) Released Mount Stela to be a votable map in the Nick Games.
2) Players are more spread out when spawning for minigames.
3) If your rank 14 or higher you get +10hp added on.
4) Removed the art work picture when all players died.
5) New start place gui with better gui interface.

--Public Beta 3.4.1 ,Release Date 7/31/2015
1) Fixed double experience Friday for those who reached the timer limit for 2x exp.

--Public Beta 3.4.2 ,Release Date 8/4/2015
1) Made Mount Stela easier to beat:
1a) Raised default egg launcher damage in Mount Stela and the egg launcher weapon damage from 28 to 44.
1b) Lowered Mountain keeper walkspeed from 15 to 12.

2) The default game mode in spleef is pvp and default game mode in bernkastel kues square is tmm
3) At rank 16 your max hp is 125.
4) You can now buy cash with robux.

--Public Beta 3.4.3 ,Release Date 8/5/2015
1) Fixed stuck game over screen gui.
2) Fixed cash store images not loading ( This is due to a moderator rejecting the image. )
3) The game news automatically updates on spawn.
4) It now displays the game mode while the minigame is loading.
5) Fixed minigame creator loading.
6) Fixed player walking on the baseplate
7) Added Race game mode to Mount Stela.

--Public Beta 3.4.4 ,Release Date 8/10/2015
1) Fixed admin command script due to Astreastela's name change.
2) Fixed a glitch where if coin Heaven Minigame is loaded all players can vote it.

--Public Beta 3.4.5 ,Release Date 8/11/2015
1) Fixed a glitch when the game script breaks if it can't find the player torso.
2) All players get forcefields for the first 10 seconds of the round so they don't get spawn killed.
3) Reduced the linked sword cool down time from 2 seconds to 0.5 seconds.

--Public Beta 3.4.6 ,Release Date 8/12/2015
1) Fixed stuck on game over gui.
2) It should no longer shows the list of winners.

--Public Beta 3.5 ,Release Date 8/15/2015
1) New Crumbled Crates Minigame - it only comes with Survival game mode.
2) Higher Ranks! The maximum rank is now changed from 16 to 22.
3) added new api in global variables to get the numbers of players alive in the minigame.
4) Due to the lack of players in the nick games ,there must be at least 2 players in the nick games.
5) New bloxberg Square minigame, infection game mode only!
6) Added Infection game mode in 4 Corners Town and Bloxberg Square.
7) Added setminimumplayers/[num] admin command.
8) Added setintermissiontime/[num] admin command.

--Public Beta 3.5.1 ,Release Date 8/16/2015
1) Fixed infection game mode glitch.
2) All players will have infected value switched off when a new minigame starts.
3) Added Infection game mode to bernkastel kues square.
4) Fixed a glitch where it will not rank you up from rank 16 to 17.
5) Raised the maximum displayed total time played from 1 day to 3 days.
6) You now only rank up if you win a minigame or if another player in the server wins a minigame, this is just so that you can see the promoted gui.

--Public Beta 3.5.2 ,Release Date 8/17/2015
1) Added leaderboard/show and leaderboard/hide admin command. Now you can send friend requests or follow players while playing the game.
2) Crumbling Crates Minigame now has a default game mode.
3) Players now get killed reward if the infected person in infection mode dies.
4) TMM game mode temporary removed due to bugs.

--Public Beta 3.5.3 ,Release Date 8/18/2015
1) all players can see hints.
2) Added hints when you are infected.

--Public Beta 3.5.4 ,Release Date 8/20/2015
1) Updated lobby gui.

--Public Beta 3.5.5 ,Release Date 8/21/2015
1) Changed all Nick Games 2014 Logo to Super Nick Games
2) Fixed 2x EXP system.
3) Fixed infection health loss delay.

--Public Beta 3.5.6 ,Release Date 8/22/2015
1) Fixed promoted gui from not disappearing for spectators.
2) Fixed kill reward in infection mode.
3) TMM is no longer the default game mode of Bernkastel Kues Square So Infection mode is the new default game mode for Bernkastel Kues Square minigame.

--Public Beta 3.6 ,Release Date 9/1/2015
1) You can now buy armours and items and also armours while in the quick play server.
2) Added armours!
3) Twitter codes! Enter BACKTOSCHOOL2015 code for 10,000 free cash!
4) Fixed glitch where if the last player standing is in the minigame and a player left the game the game ends.

--Public Beta 3.6.1 ,Release Date 9/2/2015
1) Bug fixes.
2) If your rank is lower than the minimum rank to purchase that amour while you only have 1 armour left, it won't buy for you.
3) Fixed ready button.
4) Twitter codes now expire.
5) Join Super Nick Games community group for an extra +10HP every round for free.
6) Fixed a glitch that in the lobby players are unable to stand back up.
7) Enabled player points reward for the main game.

--Public Beta 3.6.2 ,Release Date 9/2/2015
1) Added new posters to the lobby.

--Public Beta 3.6.3 ,Release Date 9/4/2015
1) You can still get rewards even though you did not win the minigame.

--Public Beta 3.7 ,Release Date 9/5/2015
1) Fixed 2x EXP glitch where if every time you die when there is still 2x exp time left you the timer resets.
2) New lobby!

--Public Beta 3.7.1 ,Release Date 9/6/2015
1) Fixed the game script from breaking from sword fights on the heights minigame.
2) Players that are not ready will not be spawned in Clock Hop Minigame ( glitched fixed. )
3) Made server performance speeds faster.
4) Added a couple new winners music.

--Public 3.8, Release Date 9/23/2015
1) Raised Kill Bot Survival difficulty level from 1 to 4.
2) New game mode! Trick Or Treat on two maps: 4 Corners Town and Autumn Town.
3) added shutdown command, admins and mods can now shutdown broken servers.
4) New Minigame! Autumn Town!
5) Your Super Nick Games save data is now backed up to Astreastela's website.

--Public 3.8.1, Release Date 10/8/2015
1) Added 1 New Winner Music
2) Added new admin command: currentlocation/ --use this to show your exact location at Super Nick Games game.
3) Raised price of intermediate armour to 100$.

--Public 3.8.2, Release Date 10/9/2015
1) Fixed slow walking glitch during intermission.

--Public 3.9, Release Date 10/18/2015
1) Tower Of Terror Minigame!
2) Halloween Armour Event Item! 125HP + Fireproof with a cost of -1 walkspeed and 20% more explosive damage.
3) Event Armour!
4) New twitter codes!
5) Players are now spread out when spawning for a new minigame.
6) If you take pain pills while still having temporary health left over it will no longer refill you health to the max permanently.
7) Players will now drop pain pills ( if they have them before they died ) when they die.

--Public 3.9.1, Release Date 10/19/2015
1) Bug fixes

--Public 3.9.2, Release Date 10/20/2015
1) Buffed Genrade Launcher maximum damage from 75 to 85.

--Public 3.9.3, Release Date 10/23/2015
1) Increased maximum rank to 28.
2) Added Master Armour and Tank Armour
3) Added balancing to armours.
4) Added moonwalk potion.

--Public 3.9.4, Release Date 10/24/2015
1) Added Volcanoinc, datasync admin list and BlazingApple and lmnotamurderer to the mod list for the admin script.
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