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Added by Empress Stela
Last updated 04/18/2020
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Super NIck Games Update Log 2014

--WIP July 2014 - September 2014
1) Developing the basics of the game code base

--Public Beta V1 - October 2014
1) Adding Various minigames and sounds
2) Started development on the shop

====2014 Era ( Nick Games 2014 )====
--Public Beta V2 ,Release Date 10/26/2014
1) Custom Health Bar
2) Bigger sound library

--Public Beta V2.1a ,Release Date 11/2/2014
1) Fixed the glitch when the game adds the player with 0hp to a minigame.
2) Fixed the glitch so when all players died the winners gui will show.

--Public Beta V2.1.1 ,Release Date 11/9/2014
1) Added Fall Damage.
2) Made it so when you touch the red block in fun run minigame, you take damage.
3) Added musical chairs minigame
4) Moved Time Remaining gui a bit to the right
5) Fixed a bug when the status bar does not turn black when minigame starts
6) Made it so if the timer hits zero the timer gui is hidden.

--Public Beta V2.1.2 ,Release Date 11/11/2014
1) Added Walk Speed Boost Energy Drink ( Temporary Update ).
2) Fixed a bug when the timer gui would not show up when the minigame starts.

--Public Beta V2.1.3 ,Release Date 11/13/2014
1) Added new game mode: Sudden Death
2) Added 2 healing sounds to the sound library

--Public Beta V2.1.4 ,Release Date 12/14/2014
1) Added Christmas Boss ( Lasts until January )
2) Better support for dynamic lighting and Ambience lighting settings
3) Raised maximum supported displayed time limit from 5 minutes to 59minutes:59seconds.
4) Lowered Fun Run Minigame Difficulty value from 4 to 3.
5) Lowered Spleef Difficulty value from 3 to 2.

--Public Beta V2.1.5 ,Release Date 12/29/2014
1) Increased fun run minigame red blocks damage to 14hp.
2) More admin commands added
3) Added statistics gui
4) Removed Sudden Death as the default game mode.
5) Fixed a glitch when more than one player wins the minigame they do not get awards.
6) Added choose and vote minigame gui.

--Public Beta V2.1.6 ,Release Date 12/30/2014
1) Added minigames lost, total time played to the stats.
2) Reduced revive price from 200 to 50 robux.
3) Fixed a bug so that a script does not endlessly duplicate when you respawn everytime.
4) Increased maximum supported displayed time format to 23hours:59 minutes:59seconds.
5) Edited error message for time formatting above maximum times
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